JP Morgan Chase Headquarters, Corporate Office and Phone Number

JP Morgan Chase & Co is the United States largest financial and bank holding. It is the largest in the United States and the fifth in the world by the asset value. Same as at other large banks, its main areas of work are asset management, crediting, insurance, broker services, investment banking services. JP Morgan Chase & Co provides retail banking services only in the territory of the United States. Its regional offices for corporate and investment business, asset management are opened in almost all developed countries of the world.

JP Morgan Chase & Co is headquartered in Manhattan, New York.

JP Morgan Chase & Co’s modern history of creation and success includes the histories of several companies merging together in 2000.
In 1823, the Chemical Manufacturing Company was founded. A year later, the Chemical Bank of New York was created at it. 30 years later, it separated and became an independent bank. In 1996, Chemical Bank purchased The Chase Manhattan Corp getting its name since it was more well-known and prestigious. In 2000, there was a symbolic merge of The Chase Manhattan Corp with JP Morgan & Co. The new company got the nave of JP Morgan Chase & Co. The company’s development doesn’t stand still, and Bank One Corp was absorbed in 2004. In 2008, the same happened to The Bear Stearns Companies Inc and Washington Mutual’s Banking Operations.

Today, JP Morgan Chase & Co’s income is more than $95.66 billion, its total asset value is $2.49 trillion, about 245 000 thousand employees work for it.

Since 2006, the chairman, the president and the chief executive officer of JP Morgan Chase & Co is an American businessman James “Jamie” Dimon. His name is regularly among the world top 100 most influential people. Since 2012, the bank’s chief financial officer is Marianne Lake.